Meet Us

We know what you’re thinking…  why would on Earth would two seemingly normal, successful people in their twenty…er… thirysomethings… decide to up and leave their the house — the place they worked tirelessly to renovate– in a perfectly lovely suburb, with fabulous neighbors and a great school district? Why would people that have perfectly adequate, well-paying jobs, lovely dogs, and friends and family nearby, choose to sell their house in the worst market in decades?

Yeah, we’re wondering that too….

That’s us.

We’re the types of people who spend our vacation days scoping destinations  — France, Mexico… Michigan  — scheming about what it’d be like to live there. We research properties on Craigslist to learn how much we could afford. We dream about living near the ocean, in the mountains, on the beach, overseas, in a city,  near a lake — anywhere but here. We’re not sure if we’ll ever stop looking, but for now the search takes us East to New England.

An opportunity for work arose, and we jumped. We applied without even visiting – leapt without looking.  It seems so romantic to just up and move, and we’re really trying to cling to that. Through the frustration of selling (or shall we say, not selling) our house, being apart to make the transition, :::quitting half our income::: and facing the unknown, we’re trying to keep that adventuresome spirit.

We may not know fully why we’re doing this or how we’ll come out on the other side– but one thing’s for sure — we’re going to find out.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!