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So, just a short bit ago, we fulfilled one of the checkboxes on our annual list of To-Do’s …

Get a Trailer.


We hiked down to Connecticut a few Saturdays back to scope out an older, but solid, all aluminum trailer large enough to fit both our horses, all our stuff, and even a sleigh… (If you know how I like to pack, I prefer to bring IT ALL … just in case…)

IMG_1001We’re super pumped about the purchase — especially how great it’s been to have our own set of wheels, rather than bumming rides off our trainer or other Draft Club members.

So far, we’ve loaded up for a few local events. Jed & Finn tried their hand at plowing, teamed up with Finn’s buddy Windy and his owner, Pam …

IMG_8207Finn is in the furrow, the horse and driver (if all goes right) plow a straight line by walking in the furrow they just plowed.

Everyone had a blast… Finn & Jed learned something, and it was great to work around so many knowledgeable people and horses. It’s the best way to learn! (And a great way to spend a cool Spring morning in NH!)IMG_8206

IMG_1058 We also made a hike to the beach! Here in New Hampshire, public beaches are open to horses from Oct 1 – April 30. Each weekend (and many days during the week), you can find equestrians out on the beach, enjoying the sand and surf. IMG_1075Moxie loved a good gallop right on the edge of the waves.
IMG_1110All in all, we’re looking forward to a fun summer of independence with the trailer. Living in such a beautiful place as New Hampshire, we’re excited to explore new beaches, forest trails, and other New England destinations (Acadia!) via horseback!