We’ve been doing a lot of boiling around here… the sap-to-syrup process isn’t a hard one, but it sure is time consuming.
IMG_0736It has taken us about 6-7 hours of boil time for 3 gallons of syrup, and today we’re doing a marathon boil of nearly 5 gallons. IMG_0738We stored yesterday’s gatherings in an old carboy from our winemaking days. This one is a 5-gallon carboy, and we have half of it on the stove right now…

Ours is just a backyard operation, but I could see how people can go nuts with this! Many farms around us collect sap with tubing which terminates in a larger holding tank. This is often near the sugarhouse, which is exclusively used for boiling down sap. In fact, next weekend here in New Hampshire is Maple Sugar Weekend where dozens of area sugar houses are open to the public!

Spring is certainly on the way, but first, we muddle through the messy Mud Season. Late Winter sun melts mounds of snow resulting in lots and lots of mud. It’ll stay this way until things start drying out later in April.


That can’t come soon enough!