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Here’s the progress of our patio project, as of early last week…





And today….IMG_0607 IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0604

It’s gotten worse before it can get better:
IMG_0603 We’ve decided to build the wall up about 24” to avoid any accidental slips and trips over the edge (which would result in a nasty 12′ fall)…




So here’s the part where we need some inspiration. What to put on the ‘floor’ of the patio? Grass? Pea Stone? More rock?

We’ve waxed and waned on all possible options and can’t come up with something that’s … like… YES!!!! The space is large enough, but we don’t want to partition it too much spatially with different material. Also, really didn’t want to spend a boatload (ie, completely done in bluestone pavers, for example), and we can’t do something that can’t be UNDONE if the septic should have an issue (so, no poured concrete patios).












We’re planning on putting a long/tall garden box along the weathered wood arch on the barn — something like this. I’d love a beautiful espalier tree there eventually (so European!), but first things first… the boxes would clean the area up a bit, and this will be a great location from some kitchen herbs, etc.

The rest of the space we’d like to use as a little backyard/courtyard — a place for chairs, table … relaxing with friends. We also need something that a car/truck/haywagon could very occasionally drive on if we need access to the barn.

Thoughts? Feelings? We could really use some suggestions.

Here’s my little inspiration board for all things outdoor so far… (updating daily.)