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In my mind, Spring has only been around for the past two weekends —  before that, we were on vacation and before that … well … it was a mix of 30-40 degree weather, accented with rain/sleet and, of course,  mud.

But now, New Hampshire got the memo and things are greening up right on time. Our sights have been set on outside projects as of late (living room, what living room? painting? what painting?) because the weather has been just too nice not to.

IMG_0503 IMG_0504


Most of our fruit trees have done well so far – budding first (and most!) are our cherry trees! I selected the varieties on Gisela rootstock, which are one of the most cold-hardy varieties.


Our trees have yet to leaf out, but they are budding like crazy. We had hoped to cut more little trees while they were still leaf-less, but alas, we only have so much time.IMG_0508

Our wetlands are going strong … the creek in the back has the pond large and full. We’ve seen ducks make a landing there, and Luna, our dog-sitting charge, loves wading in after a ball session. Our wetlands will dry out partially if the summer is low on rain, but for the most part – the land in these places is always squishy and mud-filled.

IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0511

Our patio progress!! (SQUEE!) I am *so* pumped about how this project is going. Literally, just over a week ago, this was a torturous landslide filled with construction waste and spare tires. No more! Our retaining wall is fully assembled, and Mark (our infamous chimney guy) is working on the stairs down. We’re thinking they’ll turn and head along the line of the rock wall. IMG_0512

And, of course, our horse progress. This is our first priority — and we’ve been working hard on fencing … and the grass has been working hard on greening up!IMG_0513 IMG_0514

In the mid-right corner of the photo, you can see our three corner post – the ones we set in concrete. There are some other posts set 20′ apart in gravel, but we have more to go.

We bought 75 bags of shavings (got a deal for 50+)… IMG_0516

And filled our loft with hay. Somehow, 100 bales in the loft just didn’t seem as many as I imagined.IMG_0518

Heres the progress in our ‘dooryard’ (which is a Maine term, we’ve discovered, for the yard right outside a door… who knew?!)IMG_0520


We’ll need ideas for ‘flooring’ in the space — sod? peastone? flagstone? A mix? Also… we need to come up with railing/safety ideas, as the drop on the other side of this is… oh, about 12 feet … :o)