I was going through photos today and realize I snapped these back in December before guests came and never ended up posting them.

Here’s the current state of our Guest Bedroom:


It’s still a cobble of furniture and things that don’t quite fit in other rooms, but it’s clean and spacious and has the best view in the house. We love our IKEA guest bed (now $100 cheaper than when we bought it). It’s a twin bed when you need it be and a king bed much more often. The 3 storage drawers are great — we hold off-season linens and extra towels in them. Our night stands are solid wood and remnants from the McKee house – (purchased at Target back when they had that cool world-market week in the summer… Remember that? I think it’s no longer…) The
French farm animal prints are from the St. Charles flea market, and the rug from Lowes.


Not too shabby, given what we first encountered:


This room shares the upstairs bathroom with the room we’re using as the Master, and we sometimes wonder if it might be nice to relocate the Master to the first floor (where the Library is) and open it to the downstairs bathroom. Positives would be taking advantage of that great view, having a 1st floor MB with ensuite, and possibly being able to (I know, it’s a dream) have French doors opening to our going-to-be patio. Negatives would be upsetting the circular flow of the downstairs rooms and potentially not having enough space for parties etc., since we’d only have the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. We probably won’t make any hard and fast decisions, but it’s always in the back of my mind as a possibility.

Another (big budget) guest-friendly idea is a bit grander — taking part of our enormous barn and making a guest quarters. Having a guesthouse / ‘in law apartment’ is quite common here in New England, and it’s crossed my mind that it’d be nice to have something finished in there with a bit of privacy for guests. It could also double as a short-term rental/vacation space or great place to stay for guests who want to come hang here for an extended time.

Just thoughts and dreamings!