A few snapshots below from the lovely weekend we had at a Sleigh Rally with the Granite State Draft Horse & Pony Association — a group we recently joined to network and learn a bit more from the old-timers in our area who have years of experience driving, sleighing, plowing, and working with draft breeds.

We were pleased to see many who brought their teams of Haflingers (like Finn!) and found quite an enthusiastic following for the breed amongst the group. We heard “they don’t quit like the Belgians,” “they love work – they need a job” and “we plow with them, ride them, pull carts with them” …

Needless to say, we were hooked and even more pumped about having Finn as part of our farm family. We networked with a woman who, strangely enough, lives right down the road from us, and might have a work harness that would fit him. Perfect. Can’t wait to pursue this more and see what work we can put to our beloved farm pony!