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Want to catch up on our living room progress? Here’s a quick post from before to bring you up to speed… and here’s what we have today!


Yes, our Christmas decor is still up (working on that this weekend)… but with the snow outside and the cozy fire, it almost seems fitting still.


We’ve been keeping wood in the mudroom and bringing in armfuls to store conveniently next to the fireplace. The mess is part of the deal of burning wood as a source of heat– but little woodbits get everywhere, so I’m constantly vacuuming this area. Time for us also to find a home for the new Ash vac I bought Jed for Christmas.


View opposite the fireplace. These are couches we literally dragged in from the other room as a temporary solution while hosting guests. We’re looking at ordering a new slipcovered sofa (we have our eye on this one, but perhaps not in plain white and with two normal back cushions rather than the multiple toss pillows…). At this point, we’re thinking a slightly longer sofa, a larger/cushier chair and a larger ottoman that can pushed up to the couch for that chaise-effect OR spaced out in the center of the room for a more coffee table effect. Matching furniture sets need not apply – I’m hoping to find patterns that will compliment each other without looking to matchy-matchy.

And back facing the fire… this is certainly the view we see most these days. Our lap-topping has moved to the couch and in front of that lovely woodstove. Especially on days like today that barely topped the teens, this is our favorite place in the house!