Well, little Cinnamon is back in the crate. After a week of trialing her free-roaming future, hunger got the better of her, and Jed was able to shut the cage door while she was eating.

She was was actually great while she was loose. She came back for breakfast & dinner (mind you, we never saw her… the food just magically ‘disappeared’). She’d let us look at her from afar while basking in the sun on the large boulders or trip-tropping about the yard.

But, 5 weeks in the acclimation cage is what is recommended for feral cats to ‘root’ them to this barn, so back in with her brother she went.

We’re still working on a ‘spice’ name for him to match hers. Up close, she has cinnamon colored little stripes on the sides of her eyes and body, rather than the traditional black ones, so she was easy to name. For him… Curry? Caraway? Cardamom? Hmm… decisions, decisions.