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As of late, it seems like this blog has turned into horse photo central. We’re certainly having fun with our ponies, but truly, it’s because all of our other projects are trudging along at a snail’s pace right now. The stalls in the barn are up, but we need to work on (very important) minutiae like wall supports, latches, etc. Not to mention tackling larger weekend-long projects like lighting, pumping water, cleaning, ordering and stacking hay and shavings, and putting up fencing. I know… time is ticking as frost looms. But we both work (alot), so, we plod along as best we can.

The living room is coming along too, slowly. We have the fireplace in and working, and we’re starting to put up actual material around the old plaster/lath/boards/brick surface that was on our old chimney. We found some tongue-and-groove boards in the barn, so we’re using that to resurface it, which will eventually be painted white, like everything else.

But in the mean time, ponies need exercise, and we want to eek every last bit out of this gorgeous weather spent outdoors. While everything else is putzing along, it feels great to get out and take a gallop in the forest.

Here are some shots from our long trail ride last weekend: