Whether we want to face it or not, summer is coming to a hot, steamy, mid-August wind-down. We’ve taken a fabulous, albeit short, trip to Provincetown on Cape Cod (a short 4 hour drive away), with friends.

I’m not sure why I imagined it to be a bit more of a party-scene beach town, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was gorgeous, manicured, and filled with super-friendly people.


Not to mention, completely gorgeous and quintessential Cape Cod. We spent days biking out to Race Point, Herring Cove Beach, through the Beech Forest, among dunes, and back home again – about 10 miles in total. Or, we walked across the breakwater (about a 2 mile trek) to the very tip of Cape Cod. The water was warm, the sand was soft and very non-New England. It was heaven… just 4 hours from home.


We’ve also been working hard on the barn — the hemlock flooring is in, and Jed is framing the walls in for stalls. We’re planning on a generous 10×14 stall with aluminum grilles and sliding doors facing the aisle, and each stall having its own window for ventilation. Eventually, I hope to research the company who did the metal roof on our barn to see if I can retro-fit a few sky-lights (translucent ridged panels) in the roof to add some extra light without spending money on electrical lighting. We’ve also discovered a very old, but working well in the basement of our barn, likely drawing water from the wetlands that run under the barn. If we can run a pump upstairs, we could have a spigot right in the barn with running water for buckets, washing up, etc.

We’ve also been tending to our baby fruit trees — whose tender leaves were deer food for awhile, until we re-purposed some old cow fencing into makeshift cages to enclose the trees. They are sprouting new foliage hesitantly, if the Japanese beetles would stay off, already. Plans to turn to spray this week to save their little leaves before Fall hits.

As for other projects, we’re having our chimney guy out this week to assess/start work on the living room chimney — making it safe to burn wood, namely a wood stove insert — and I’ve got my eye on this one, which almost looks like a real fireplace, rather than some industrial wood-stove insert. The stove insert option would give us the chance to burn the abundance of wood on the property, which would be great (and cheap) given the land clearing we’re planning on doing anyway.

So… that’s the late-summer update for you! Barn progress is chugging along, we’ve go workers coming for the fireplace, have calls to further assess an area of the property for a proper riding ring (ie, not unlevel dirt/boulder/rock and grass mix like we have now), and are plugging away at our own (busy) jobs. That said, we’re leaving plenty of time for neighborhood parties, mid-week concerts in the park, dog walks, horseback rides, and little getaways.  Here’s to Summer in New England… never long enough!