Remember Moxie ? The 7 year old, Draft-Cross mare fate handed us:

At 7 years old, this 16-hand girl was nearly 1300 lbs–  overweight, stiff, unbalanced, and pushy.


I’ll be honest, when we agreed to take on Moxie, I was still a bit hesitant — having only ridden her once. She was a bit … shall we say… ‘mareish.’ When riding in the ring, I couldn’t get her on the rail, she threw her head when trotting, and she had a habit of spooking to scare her rider out of work.

She’s now a trim 1100 lbs, with a tiny bit more to go. With regular rides, we’re working on bending to build the muscle on her topline … and soon, we’ll be working on picking up the canter. I’ve already gotten a glimmer of her canter on trips up the hill off the back of the barn, and it’s oh-so-comfy…

SO, she’s gotten a bit more red-brown– bleached with the summer sun, but this pretty girl will darken and continue to supple up with time. She’s been … literally.. our ‘dark horse’ during this horse-buying-owning process.

While I was still stuck on Gyspy – the Friesian/Draft cross (that coincidentally, our neighbor might purchase), I was grateful, yet a bit reluctant to accept that Moxie found her way into our lives. Since then, Moxie has proven to be an absolute trooper on the trails — a regular leader, fearless and obedient. She works tirelessly in the ring without complaining — building her muscle and stamina doing serpentines, figure eights, and loops several times a week. Also, she’s also been less pushy with us on the ground– accepting our dominance while being lead.

Even as a horse-lover, I’ve never really grasped how their personalities can manifest and change so much, even during a short amount of time. Moxie has really defined that for us — she was just a girl who wanted some regular work and attention. She stands quietly daily– lapping up the time she’s groomed … rubbing the shedding blade and curry comb all over her fuzzy self, picking her feet, spraying and brushing out her black mane and tail until they’re tangle-free and silky.

I think this girl likes her new family…