So we bought a tractor today. It’s the first new, expensive vehicle/implement I’ve ever purchased, and it costs almost double what my car cost. We decided on this:
































It’s a 38HP Kubota with a bucket and a 5′ brush hog. And we (almost) have no idea how to drive it. I think there should be a Tractor Driver’s Ed, but alas, all we have is two paper manuals. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

The dealer recommended driving it straight into the mud and banging it up with some rocks, then we wouldn’t feel so bad when we actually put a good ding in it. It’s supposed to be a workhorse, not a show toy…. but it’s just so shiny and new!


Good thing I took a turn about the fields today pre-mow, because I stumbled upon tons and tons of these:

Yep, I found two huge patches of wild blueberries … both the lowbush and medium sized  bushes. I found super-sweet berries that were tiny, and those that were a bit more small-to-medium sized. After 30 minutes of picking, I had half a cereal bowl full, and most weren’t even turned yet. I’m surprised we haven’t had more animals eating off these bushes, but the berries were right there for the taking, so I’m not complaining! I’ll have to mark off the areas we want to leave natural, otherwise we would have mowed these babies over in a matter of days!


Speaking of mowing over, these wildflowers were just too gorgeous for words, but unfortunately, there’s no picking and choosing when mowing for horse pasture. I thought I’d snap a few photos while they were still around!