Could a horse, “free to good home” change everything for us? Literally hours away from emailing the Friesian’s owner to say we’re signing on for 1 month of lessons and a hefty price (dreams cost money, people), we get a call from our riding instructor: Moxie and two other horses, owned by a couple at the barn, are being given away for free– to good homes only — due to owner health expenses.

This horse has been vetted, loved, and known inside and out. She is a trail horse, started over fences and goes Western or English. We know exactly what we’re getting. A 7-year old, 16h Paint/Spotted Draft Cross seriously looking for consistent work and a job. She’s affectionate, a bit bossy, and needs to be told her place. But respectful, with a good personality, and so much potential….

We’re sleeping on it tonight.