Today we ventured out of our normal equine interests to checkout Shadow and Cowboy – a pair of Tennessee Walker geldings. The price was right, and they seemed like super-calm trail buddies. And honestly, Shadow reminded me of a lovely little Andalusian, don’t you think?


They were very, very sweet — and managed well with dogs and kids underfoot in the busy barn. But, around the arena, they were *very* forward (almost uncomfortably so), and although the owner assured us they were more ‘relaxed’ on the trail, riding in a controlled space (arena) was something that I plan on doing… as well as riding on a trail — both in a comfortable, sometimes slow walk.  Slightly proud of myself — I did survive a ‘I-swear-he’s-never-done-that-before’ spook when a farmhand tossed a huge pile of brush across a rock wall that sent him bolting across the arena at a gallop. WOO! Talk about getting your heart racing!!

Either way – the owner was super-sweet, her horses were very nice, but in the end – I just don’t think they’re a fit for us. Poor Jed didn’t really get past a walk, which was already much MUCH faster than he was used to on our pokey lesson horse. And they don’t trot — they ‘gait’ — which I truly will miss, since I consider posting a trot part of my cardio.

So… On to the next one. The dream horse. Will she be as dreamy in real life?