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Well- finally some photos to show some indoor progress! About time, right?

But first – let’s do a little walk down memory lane  ….

 And today…

New lighting, exposed beams, new countertop on both the island and sink area, new appliances.

Another view... obviously we're still in progress, seeing how the drill battery is still charging!

New center island built with Ikea cabinets, found barn boards, Martha Stewart hardware, and Soapstone countertop.

It seats 3-4 people and has plenty of standing room for others. Still working on painting the built-in side shelves.

We love the Soapstone. We were originally looking at white marble, but this was on sale and offers us that matte/rustic look we were going for.

Lights from Home Depot. These were installed from start (no electricity) to finish in 3 hours - amazing!

One of the cooler beams we've decided to use as 'legs' for the island. This one still has the marks of old screws embedded in its side.