Our barn has turned into a veritable squirrel condo. They occupy several sides and have made a few nests in the walls. It’s a snug little place for a squirrel family — and they quite enjoy their comfy barn residence. In the morning, they climb out of their nests and sun themselves– hanging upside down on the barn wall.

Sometimes they s t r e e e t c h out, reaching their front legs out, holding on just by the back ones. It’s quite a sight to see!

They’re pretty cute, but they also cause quite a nuisance here in the house. We spend most of our time in the library room (where my workshop is currently), and the pups stand sentinel on our couches, which unfortunately, offer perfect views onto the squirrel scene.

Maybe in the Spring, when the nests are empty, we can put one of these on top of the barn to commemorate their departure…