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Though it’s not done yet, I thought I’d post up the current state of our kitchen — the enticingly almost-doneness of it almost makes me want to pick up a paintbrush right now and get going on a second coat of white. Almost

You might remember that I’d planned on doing a typical stainless range hood over the oven. I even bought this one at Ikea. But, when we took it out of the box to try to figure out how it’d fit – we ran into some serious issues.

The hole in the wall where the current exhaust was too big and too low, that the hood would stick right in front of your face if it was to be mounted in the correct place. So, we decided we might need to scrap that idea, and perhaps just work with the fan that we had.

Remember the little spice cabinet-hiding the makeshift range hood above the stove?

Behind it lives the black hole, which was covered in a kinda-cool retro faceplace. Except, it wasn’t cool and retro-looking just yet.

It looked like this:

Um… nasty.

Nothing my trusty Goo Gone can’t fix.

Meanwhile, Jed worked on giving the cabinets a coat of white paint. Another hiccup here – I had planned on removing the wood knobs and replacing them with something metal, but turns out they are actually wooden peg knobs, glued into the cabinet faces. If removed (and if damage didn’t ensue), the remaining hole would still be way too large to accommodate the normal screw-on knobs, so it looks like we’re just going to have to live with the wood ones.

And… all clean! Look at that shiny new plate. And that fan motor does some serious sucking — we tested it with some candle smoke and were pretty happy with the draft it created. We’re also thinking of carrying the backsplash around to this side of the wall and expanding it higher behind the stove for extra splatter-coverage.

 I love my new sink and dishwasher. Seriously – such a huge improvement. Now… how to fashion a curtain to hide the storage area?

And… we added a tablecloth to the lovely plywood-topped island for a Sunday brunch last week. One day it’ll be a lovely new stone-slab, when we can find enough time and patience to head down to the warehouse and make a decision…

But until then, we’re enjoying our updates! And … coming soon – the wood pellet stove arrives, is installed (and shortly!) will be running! WAHOO!