One of my particular talents is making simple decisions complicated.

Case in point — the faucet. It should be a simple thing, but once you look at all the options, finishes (and PRICES!), things get muddy. I was really tempted to buy the one we’d used in our last kitchen remodel, but since we were already using the same sink and wood countertops (though our prior ones were laminate), I hesitated at doing a complete do-over.

I’ve also been in love with some of these gorgeous retro- chrome faucets that seemed to have that ‘farmhouse’ appeal (click for the pinterest link & photo credits)


























And after trolling the internet for a few minutes days, I stumbled across this beauty:










And after a $5 off coupon code and -$10 for using Google checkout instead of my credit card, I’m the proud owner of this pretty set (minus the soap pump – I never really see the use in those, as we always have other soap around). It’s currently enroute, scheduled to arrive tomorrow. And, seriously, it couldn’t come at a better time – the faucet means the sink can go in, and the dishwasher right after it. Finally — no more doing dishes in the bathroom sink. 🙂