I’ll save you the anticipation … there hasn’t been too much happening around here. In the finished project department, at least. We have yet another chimney guy coming tomorrow. And our kitchen project has stalled, held up on a 30” wide countertop we went to buy today at Ikea (a wider size they carry, and we need to cut down since our countertops are 27”currently), which is out of stock in all of New England. Until April.

A four hour trip … and we came home with a sink. And our countertop went from being a $300 project … to… a much more expensive one, seeing how wood countertops elsewhere are triple, quadruple the price.

Except. They have a few more 25 5/8” countertops left … and we’d need to do a bit of finagling to get it to work.

So, back to Ikea (tomorrow?) to pick them up. Take two. This is bordering on ridiculous…


In other news, we found a pic in the attic of the Farm. Our goal in the next few years is to get it back to this state…

With the chainsaw, goats, a tractor … and a miracle. We’ll get there. Eventually.