We’re staying nice and warm inside, but don’t be fooled by the peacefulness…

The rest of the house is brimming with projects and plans or otherwise scattered with shop vacs, hammers, saws and trim.

Can you tell we’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation?

Inspired by this photo from Country Living, we’ve assembled bits of our kitchen island — cobbling 24” and 36” cabinets from Ikea to give us large-item storage — something that we’ll be missing once we grab space from the left of the kitchen for our new dishwasher.  We also plan on retrofitting the current sink cabinet for a porcelain farmer’s sink rather than the current drop-in stainless option, which has definitely seen its better days.

A note on those cabinets — we completely redid our kitchen in Ikea cabinets at our last house and were really pleased with the results. They were just as sturdy as the mid-range cabinets from Home Depot or Lowes and came with higher-end features (drawer dampers) and tons of nice door options. So we scooped up two base cabinets in Lidingo White (which had nearly perfectly matching doors to the custom built ones in the kitchen already), and we plan on painting everything anyway.

Since the base cabinets are only 24” deep, we had some room on the backside to build additional shelving, as well as room for a bar. Unlike the original inspiration photo, we won’t have a raised counter surface on the back of our island — it will be one flat surface (and not covered in a too-small piece of MDF). The 10-inch overhang on the side will be supported with 6×6 posts we found in the barn, as well as the 12-inch overhang on the front end.  It’ll be big enough for three seats and offer much more counter space for cooking, prep, and parties.

The boards bleached really nicely, and we plan on giving them the same gray/weathered finish that the rest of the ceiling will have… eventually.

So… that’s the state of one of the many undone rooms in the house. We’re still deciding on countertops  — toying with the idea of concrete, granite, or marble … (I know Marble on Ikea countertops, gasp). And of course, it still needs to be stained, trimmed, and painted. Not to mention the new appliances, wood counter for the main area, painting the walls & cabinets, installing more lighting, and refinishing the floors. Phew.

But for now… we’re winding up our regular work in anticipation of a mini-getaway later this week. So the kitchen … among other things … continues to wait.