We had a huge list of to-do’s last weekend, but instead we decided the 60-degree temps won — so we found some outdoor projects to do.

Part of our sale included the negotiations that the <prior> owner would repair the barn  floor on the ‘cow side’ – ie, the left side of the barn – which was rotted and swaying under our steps. While he did a great job, he left all the wood he kicked down in the ‘basement’ of our barn. Some pieces were compete garbage, some were worth saving. We decided to use this day to clean out the pile and build a bridge over the mucky part between the ‘front yard’ and back field…

Oh, don’t think it was just Jed’s job — I nailed each and every one of those boards together. He did the cutting, and we both did the dragging out of the sometimes standing water under the barn.

(the pile of bricks is from our two centuries-old chimneys, since condemned. They’re now considered ‘fill’ for a landscaping project next year)…

This little bridge will allow us to tread across the low spot that flows under the barn to the wetland part of the property… and the best part, we did it completely for free, using reclaimed wood that was destined for the burn pile.

Also… did you notice? The hideous gray shingles are GONE! YES! That was me on an extension ladder up nearly two stories tearing them off.

I think that is where the property’s population of wasps were living, so hopefully we’ll have less around next year….