Here’s our old roof in all it’s tri-colored glory.

Actually, during the tear-off, the workers told us they peeled off SIX layers of shingles (black, red, green, blue/green, and psychedelic blue/green/purple, among others) to get to the boards underneath, which subsequently needed to be replaced, as they had gone rotten under at least 60 years of neglect.

Yep – that’s the underside of our Cape section. Just to the left of the chimney is a door into our Master Bedroom closet. Pretty crazy, huh? Though it was more work (and I’m sure $) than we expected initially, I’m glad to have new boards (materials free! since we had a stockpile at the back of the property that was never claimed/taken by the prior owner).We also took the opportunity to insulate, which I’m sure will make a huge difference.

It took them just over a week to peel everything off the colonial side of the house and the front of the cape portion (the back was newly done, strangely enough), replace boards, and hang new shingles.

<sneaky: over the weekend, I climbed to the top of their ladder — to the high gutter of the Colonial section — thinking I might get up there with my beloved chainsaw and hack some branches down … but decided it was WAAAY to high and scary for my novice self, and promptly got down, thanking my lucky stars I didn’t die in the process…>

We went with IKO Architectural Shingles in Harvard Slate, which has a nice charcoal base with flecks of gray and green. We think it matches the doors and metal roof on the barn and garage quite nicely. It looks worlds better than what we started with!


“After” pics tomorrow, hopefully!