When we originally looked at the house, we knew of this little cottage/cabin at the back of what was to be our 5 acres, near the pond. It was to remain on the owner’s land, which was fine by us, as we already had enough projects!

But, when the subdivision wouldn’t work, the little cottage became ours too, and we learned the past owners used to call it The Birdhouse. 

There are little bird sculptures in the window sills, along with colored glass balls. The rest of it is filled with cabin-like accoutrement … secondhand furniture, a woodstove, an old record player, books, maps, photos, and natural finds (nests, a ram skull) and plenty of oil lamps.

It overlooks this cute little pond, which had lily pads on it not too long ago. There are so many potentials here … if I could even get past our other projects … there’d be so many things i’d like to do at this place. Clean it up to serve as a little studio/reading nook, or perhaps snug it up and put a bed in there for nights when we want to go ‘camping’ …

But, it’ll need to sit until next year, at least. There is so much to do first!

Last weekend, Jed put in 9 windows — in the living room, the library, and two in the kitchen. I especially love the ones in the kitchen, as we went with casement windows that crank out. Not only are they so much easier to open than the old double-hung ones (we had to put a stick in to hold them up), they are completely cute and cottagey with their white grilles, opened out over our cedar-shingled kitchen. Pictures to follow soon!