Just out of college in my less-than-financially-comfortable days , I prided myself on my curbside treasures … free acquisitions that included a silver platter, Pier 1 chair, wicker headboard (which I later spray painted in oil rubbed bronze, and it totally could pass as iron from far away) just to name a few. Last week, I dusted my adventuresome spirit off and spotted this ugly duckling from the road:

{the table , not Jed}

With our friends from out-of-town in tow, we pulled over, tossed it in the back (well, tossed is a bit relative – it was more like re-arrange the entire back of the van and shove it in), and headed home. Bonus – there were two leaves, as well

I’m not sure if I’ll sand and refinish (in a more contemporary stain), or just end up giving it a weathered painted look (white? black? something totally different?) and find some nice upholstered chairs to pair with it. Currently, I’m planning it for a corner of our living room and stashing the leaves if we ever need two dinner tables for a larger party. I think it’ll be a great place for coffee, reading, crafts, cards or whatever!

And… doesn’t it look a wee bit like this?

Yep, that’s $1399 I can spend somewhere else! (Like a roof, insulation, fireplace, floors, trim, paint, appliances, landscaping… err…. maybe I should just stop.)