It’s just past peak color here in our neck of the woods, and while a few colored leaves were still hanging on, I thought we’d do a quick tour of the fields…

This is the view from the house, facing East. Still peppered with young trees, one of the far fields is visible now after we had someone out to mow it down.

The front field, with the garden off to the rear left, and the hives to the rear right. The beekeepers / previous tenants were back with a NH State Bee Inspector this week and confirmed they’d be getting some honey this year, and we’re sure to get a few jars!

Crossing the creek to the back field… This area is usually damp, but with the week of rain we’ve received, it’s turned into a full-fledged creek. This stream feeds into the pond, which has a mini ‘waterfall’ into another creek that cuts across the private road that borders our property.
Here’s the back field. Haven’t the cows done a wonderful job? Their fencing is being dis-assembled on the left, and they’ve left this 5+ acre area completely cleared, including each and every leaf on these stickery wild rose bushes in the right side of the photo.
Why, hello there gorgeous cobble fence! Didn’t see you behind all that overgrowth! This wall is one of the best on our property and borders one side of the back/cow pasture, and the cows helped munch it down so we could actually see it!

The opposite side of the pasture… you can barely see a peek of the Birdhouse in this pic! (Red with white windows, about 1/3 of the way in from the left). More on that later!

Here is the magnificent old Shagbark Hickory that lives near the firepit. It’s just starting to turn gold, and is doing it quite splendidly. Later this afternoon, Jed and I tried our hands at our new chainsaw and took out the weedy shrub/bush to the left (obscuring the view of the barn) and a few limbs on the saplings surrounding the main tree.)
And here’s the front door, decked out for the season. Happy Autumn!