The windows are in the Guest Room. Jed worked hard on Friday, into the night, to get them all up before it rained.

By Saturday, they were all in. We love how clean they look and easy they operate. We kept them all open overnight to air out the room, since none of the windows before would open.

I knew the replacement windows would allow for less glass space as the old ones (you can see that above), as there’s more reinforcement, a track for the bottom to slide up, as well as spaces for the low-E gas, etc. It’s also a double pane, rather than the single pane.

I know the new windows were a decent energy investment and needed to be done, but I did miss that wide-open glass look, especially when you compare one next to the other.

My mini meltdown came this morning, when I went up to clean the room, and noticed the light in the room was a bit more… greenish than before. Was it the rainy day? I glanced across the hall at our bedroom, which was bright, with clear white light. This room definitely had a greenish hue to it.

It was the windows. Specifically, the low-E glass, I later found out. I had no idea. The picture above is a tough example, but if you look around the window area, you might get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Perhaps I’m blowing this out of proportion, but my paint color doesn’t look the same, and I’m rather bummed we have 19 more of these to install and one by one, my beautiful clear light will be replaced with lightly green tinted light. Again, maybe it’s normal — and I’m just getting used to it (compared to old, clear, single-pane stuff) — but it threw me for a loop today, spiralling into a mini-meltdown about the 6+ weeks I’ve slaved away at painted every surface a beautiful white, which is now — a green-ish tint.

I just wish I would’ve known. I wish someone would’ve said something. I just thought that all new windows had this Low-E / Argon stuff.