Darby met Luna a few weeks ago, and has been love in ever since….
When her parents (the former tenants of this property), and our friends, needed a dog sitter last weekend while they attended a wedding, we jumped at the opportunity to tire out our dog at the expense of theirs. It was awesome.

Well, this weekend, they are headed to another wedding and had made other plans to have Luna watched, but we insisted that she was more than welcome at her former home (where, bonus – she was still conscious of the 2 acre electric fence and wouldn’t run outside the borders.)

So, we’re happy to watch her again this weekend, while we’re working on the house. Crunchtime before our 1st New House Visitors! Goals this weekend – Guest bedroom habitable (bed assembled, rug, lamps, windows in … some wall art, etc.) …  Dining Room Serviceable (painted, furniture in place, etc…) Kitchen Serviceable, Bathroom clean and workable) … well… you get the point.

Michael & Michelle… can we interest you in a jaunt upstate to a Fabulous Mountain retreat…?

::: Kidding :::