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Remember this room?

It was one of the first (other than our bedroom) that we decided to tackle. I’ve been working in here, on a desk that Jed modified from a corner built-in shelf – more on that later.

What do you think?

A decent start, right? We painted *everything* in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White – the walls, trim, shelves — everything except the floor. Obviously I need to white balance my camera, as things are reading a bit more cream-esque in here, but you get the picture. All in all, it did wonders to brighten up this sunniest room in the house. The dark grilles on the windows will be white eventually, when we get around to putting up the Pella replacement windows (which I’m thrilled about, but I’ve sort of taken a liking to the wavy glass and dark grilles against the white walls.)

Of course, we still need the floors redone (they’re a wonky shade of mustard right now), as well as some proper lighting and art. And, if you’d turn around, you’d see my unfinished desk (with lots of open storage = cluttery looking), so I’ll need to work on that too. Also, our clothes dresser is down here on the opposite wall, as it’s too large to fit up either staircase, so we’ve been running downstairs in the morning to pick out clothes. Not ideal. It’ll get there. But for now, I love how bright and clean(ish) it is!