Our chickens this morning…

Meet the Chickies, who are pro free-rangers now!

Bottom left … Bruni (Rhode Island Red), Penny (Araucana), Pumpkin (Golden Comet), Top Left (RIP – She met her end today at the mouths of the dogs. They got out today when the door wasn’t fully shut, and they chased/attacked/not sure the littlest one. We’re pretty bummed about it, but had been forewarned that it was likely), Pansy (Delaware), and Midge (Barred Plymouth Rock).

They’re such a joy to be around and completely fascinating to watch. They’ve provided a fun relief from work (it’s great to head out on a break from work to watch them poke around and interact with each other), and we love learning their little personalities. They’ve assimilated with big chickie (Forsythia), who was comfy enough to lay an egg for us this morning, and we were super pumped.

So, hopefully, all will settle down in Chickenland, and we’ll be sure to keep the dogs far away when they’re out. Jury’s still out on whether we’ll replace the little one, or keep with the flock that’s been established.