I wanted some limelight hydrangeas for the new house. They were hardy, part-shade tolerant, and seemed like easy keepers — exactly what we needed in the semi-sunned back gardens, currently filled with hostas and overgrown daylillies.

I purchased two Limelights from the Salmon Falls Nursery just over the border in Maine and with their 20% off deal, ended up taking home a breathtaking Quickfire Hydrangea.

::: Limelight Hydrangea :::

::: Quickfire Hydrangea :::

Of course, it started with planting just few perennials, and then spiraled into a full-on landscaping project. We relocated stones from the terraced area near the entrance to basement of the barn and stacked them as a border around the bed.

We split hostas, relocated daylillies, and added hydrangeas (Limelights, Quickfires, and Little lambs – found on the 50% off rack at Lowes!), a butterfly bush, and several lavender plants. Perhaps one day we’ll figure out a way to conceal the large Propane tank, but for now, we’re dealing with it.

I carried the motivation around to the front, adding some mums to the urns, and near the mailbox.


Fall is in the air!