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It’s not even been a week since we’ve fully moved in, but things are moving ahead full steam. All the doors have been painted Autumn Gray in Olympic’s Exterior Semi-Gloss. I think they look so much more attractive and true-to-period… (and we’ve already heard comments from the neighbors!)


We’ve also done some pruning around the front of the house and the rockwalls that border the property.


And after:

Front before:

Front today:

Rockwall out front before (from the back to the front):

You can barely see it! With help from our fantastic new neighbors Heidi and Becky, they gave us a ‘housewarming’ present and took out all the saplings! So generous!! (And they were amazing to watch at work!)


Other improvements and discoveries this week:

A new (to us!) fridge! YAY!

We inherited a disgusting Almond, rusty, handle-less one when we moved in, and promptly started the search for a replacement. At $1000+ for a suitable replacement at all the Big Box stores, I began trolling Craigslist to see what I could find. I stumbled upon this 2 year-old beauty the next town over, and we went and picked it up on Saturday for (get this) — $300. Jed tells me I should not disclose this for sake of bragging, but I love sharing this example …. before you consider spending top dollar for a new appliance (or anything else) – take a look on Craigslist or Restore in your area. You might be shocked at who’s selling what (and for how much!) When we picked it up, we learned that it was a donation to a homeless shelter in the area (who already had a fridge), so they sold it for cash for the charity. We promptly put our Almond Rusty Disaster on the curb with a sign stating — FREE! She’s not pretty but works great! — and it was gone within an hour.

So that’s what we’ve been up to the past week. It’s been an exhausting one. From moving out (a fiasco which sadly, isn’t over yet due to some snafus with our Landlords) to settling in, it’s been a series of those 8pm-in-pajamas-complete-bodily-exhaustion type of days. I’ve been doing a few hours of real (money generating) work here and there, and really need to pick that back up for mailing on Tuesday.

But until then, I’m completely relishing in this fabulous progress, and the little discoveries we make daily!