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To cut to the point: It’s coming along *very* slowly. We’ve got 95% of our things in the new place, trying to balance cleaning, unpacking and very dirty projects (drywalling, cleaning up ceilings, etc.).

For the sake of documentation, we’ thought we’d share a bit of our work… Here’s where we’re at in the fireplace room (now dining room):

The beams are gorgeous 8×8 hand-hewn beauties, just waiting to have the nails and staples pulled out of them and some quality time spent vacuuming each and every piece. (I finished in the kitchen in just under 1 hour and holee cow, I already need to schedule a massage from the prolonged neck craning).

I found a lovely stain by Rustoleum called Sunbleached at Lowes,  which I’ve tried on tester piece of wood, and it turned the most lovely color of white-washed gray. I’m planning on finishing the beams in this stain and painting the taller ceiling boards in white, ala this inspiration photo.

The room, as the rest of the house, will be painted in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, my weapon of choice to unify and brighten this lovely old place.

See the new vantage into the kitchen? This was result of our closing-day tear-outs. We’ll eventually have that diagonal crossbeam either removed or heightened (if it’s structural), to let people of above-average height through comfortably. The other minor boards around that entrance will be gone (they were a doorframe), save the large structural beam in the center. It’s leagues brighter in here, which is saying alot for a room that is shaded most of the day. We’ll remove the table clutter, give the fireplace a good scrub, and paint it all white.


My haven? The master bedroom.

It is literally glowing with cleanliness and beauty. Anytime I feel overwhelmed with the rest of the house, I climb upstairs … (take off my shoes) and lay on the bed. It’s magical, seriously, (more likely, I’m delusional from paint fumes and the endless shop-vac-ing of the kitchen ceiling).

I can’t wait to find some rugs that will work in the space, as well as some assembly-needed storage we can put up in the room. We tried to squeeze our old dresser, but when met with this, it just wasn’t going to happen:


















So to focus on what’s good…

Jed is salivating at his new shop and has a million ideas on how to best arrange his tools and things:


And… no joke, I walk into the Barn and come out half a hour later… just astounded at every little new thing to be discovered…

Ps, they weren’t kidding about the energy…