We’ve done this twice in the past year, and let tell you — I am *done* moving.

Last time, cross country, things were relatively painless – a bit of packing here and there, and then the movers whisk in with dollies and padding and muscles and get it all done. This time, we didn’t fare quite the same.

That’s right — we moved U-Haul style, meaning we hauled the contents of our 3 bed, 1.5 bath life alone. No help — hired or otherwise. And seriously, if you were even remotely considering purchasing a solid wood 90+ inch dining room table and had a move planned in the next few years, I perhaps suggest you think again. Wedging our stuff thorough the tiny doors and through entrances with less-than-adequate wiggle-room wasn’t an easy chore, especially since we attempted this feat the day of (and after) after Jed & I did a half-day trail ride for Jed’s (very) belated birthday present. Talk about aching.

We’ve got experience moving, and we’ve got experience renovating – but combing both (with the duties of full times job still in full-swing), has left us exhausted.


One project in particular has taken up our attention lately. We’ve been working tirelessly this past week to ready our bedroom. In the midst of our renovations, which I’m sure will continue for months to come, I wanted a space that would be a happy-place of cleanliness, order, and normalcy. We decided that would be the master bedroom and upstairs bathroom.

A bit of backstory — it was a bit of a conundrum deciding which room upstairs would be our master. We could pick from two, nearly identical bedrooms which shared the full bath jack-and-jill style. Bedroom one was this:

Main perks to this room is that it adjoined the large walk-in closet / attic space to the left. Negative is that it had a large fireplace in the center which made bed placement difficult (no room for tables on either side). Also, less importantly, it was at the front of the house, and the better view was certainly to the back.

Our other option was this:

A room with superior light and views (barn, back of property, etc)… but beleaguered with chipping (lead) paint in various colors. If this did turn into our master bedroom, we planned on putting our bedroom on the pink window above (which opens onto a roof – not visually important), the foot of the bed facing into the room. It would allow for generous space on either side of the bed for tables, and enough walking space into the bathroom and hall. We decided to make this our master, but in the meantime, decided to finish the other green/white room as a temporary sleeping area, as it was more ‘finished’ than this one.


And then, the chimney sweep came. Quashing all our 5-fireplace dreams in one 2-hour visit, he rendered each and every fireplace antiquated, useless and unsafe. Another post for another day — we accepted this fate and weighed our options.

We decided to take out the iron grate in front of the fireplace in the green/white bedroom, chip off the black-painted plaster, and expose the brick fireplace. I’m still deciding whether we should just paint this newly exposed (and insulated) area or cut a beadboard panel to cover it and just secure it in place. We’re planning on putting our bed front-and-center now — right where the fireplace was, leaving plenty o’ space on either side of the bed for nice, deep bedside tables, possibly a chair or two, and very spacious walking room around the entire setup.












We’ve also decided to paint everything white to combat that dirty / low-ceiling feel which can crop up with old houses, and I=it couldn’t have worked better. We used Benjamin Moore’s Simply White on the trim and walls (Pearl and Matte finishes, respectively), and decided to keep the theme going by painting the dark green floors in Cloud 9, a slightly deeper toned white. This room is Northeast-facing — meaning it’s predominately shaded after late morning, but we immediately noticed how much lighter it felt when every surface was whitewashed, and with the trees around – it felt like a lofty treehouse.









It’s still a bit wet here, and in a Satin finish, will dull a bit. I am in *love* with how airy it feels. We’ll have to get a plan down to keep the floors relatively clean (no shoes, strategically placed rugs, etc…) but it’s so clean and fresh, it’s a sigh of relief in this house and gives me hope for what it can be ALL over.

So. We’re getting there. SLOWLY, since we’re still trying to balance busy full time jobs and trying to chip away at one of the many more projects we have in store for the house. Also, as things progress a bit, I’ll work on doing a bit of redesign on the blog, focusing on our project progress room by room and of course, discovering farm living in general :). So, the header is a placeholder until we can come up with a fabulous new name. Suggestions, anyone?