Remember this post and that awesome little drawing at the bottom? Well, turns out under all that scrub and grass, we found ourselves a little granite walkway!

Pretty nice, huh? We would have likely paid hundreds for this rock, not to mention delivery and all the labor getting it set in the dirt … and here it was, this whole time.


It was a nice way to end a slightly frustrating day. A day that was going to be Making Tags! and Driving Out To The House! and Spackling Holes! And prepping this little beauty for skimcoating:

That’s right… skimcoating, as in ‘all it needs is a quick skimcoating’ said our Realtor with a wave of hand as I gave the nasty wallpaper a sour look. Let me tell you, folks – skimcoating sucks. Let’s back up – prepping the walls sucks, at least in this room anyway. I was planning on leaving the wallpaper intact, merely addressing areas that were chipping or peeling. Turns out whoever wallpapered back in 1925 ran the wallpaper right over the top of the trim, which required me to slit it at the top of the trim and pick it off the wood. Between all this finagling, and the fact that the glue had worn away after all these years, the wallpaper was barely hanging on and had to come down (to reveal… surprise! more stenciling.)


Two hours later, the wall you see in the photo above was free of wallpaper. And that was just one wall. On the TOP. UGH. I give up.

I told Jed, pulling off my respirator (who knows was asbestos / lead dust I could be breathing)… call someone He said — No! I just needs to be skimcoated… it’ll be fine. I handed over the equipment – it’s all him now. Give me a crowbar, give me a paintbrush, give me some pruners … just not stuff to skimcoat.

So, I took the frustration out on the front lawn, ripping out rogue lilacs (seriously, I was that mad), hacking down overgrown shrubs and pulling more weeds that I knew could exist in a front garden bed. Turns out, someone framed it all in granite years ago, but it was too hard to tell with all the overgrowth. It was nice to find that someone cared about something there once.

Back at the house tomorrow – hoping for some clarity on what to do next. Jed is helping out (learning) in the barn tomorrow, so I’m left to figure out what to do around the house. It seems that every major pre-moving-in project hinges on another project (why paint or scrape old painted windows when we’re going to replace them soon anyway? Why paint a room when we’re going to rip a window out? Why do a floor when the wall isn’t done yet?) And… why focus on things that are FINE (for now) like the bathroom floors or the front door… (but they’d be so easy to paint!!) Ugh…Losing a bit of focus, and trying to figure it all out (and get some *real* work done in the meantime) …