So we pulled up to our Realtor’s office today to discuss our survey (finally). Unrolling the huge plotplan, nearly a table-length’s long — he dropped the news: the lot couldn’t be subdivided how we had all anticipated.

If you’ll remember, the initial plan was for the owners to keep 13 of their 18 acres, with the hope that someday their kids might move back and build on the land, which had been occupied for three generations. We’d get the prime 5 acres, mostly cleared, up front near the road, and the family would retain the property behind it– mostly forested, with a pasture or two that we’d have full access to should we have animals in the future.

When the survey to subdivide the property hit the Town, they denied it. The ability to use the ‘Back 13′ as an additional building lot (the owners’ plan) would require a place for a driveway and access to the main road, which meant there was no other place to put the <theoretical> driveway other than straight through the 2.5 acres on the right side of our <future> property. Our contract wouldn’t allow this, as we stipulated we wanted 5+ acres.

So, as of this morning, two options existed… reduce our property to 2.5 acres or put in an offer for the whole 18.

The yellow below is the original 5 acres we were anticipating (the house/barn is in the top left part of the yellow), and  the aqua is the remainder of the property (blur along the private road on the right is us obscuring the private lane name).

But the aqua land isn’t all cleared…

It would yield us one extra very usable large pasture and another pond, but is about the same density of fir trees and hardwoods as the surrounding area — offering us space for future trails and woods (think: cross country skiiing, horseback riding, walking), but not so much anything else, unless we cleared the land.

So there it is.  Our little five acre endeavor just (nearly) quadrupled in size. And this whole thing hinges on buyers giving up their dream so we can have ours. Here’s hoping they accept our offer.