When we first came out in late Fall, everyone we talked to about the weather told us – just wait until Summer. It may be short, but it’s amazing.

It’s true, Summer is sweet around here… nearly every day has been deliciously gorgeous. Mid 70s, sparklingly sunny. An occasional shower – enough that I’m not hauling the hose around daily to water plants. The area is springing alive with little pop-up Ice Cream shops, antiques barns, produce carts. Everything seems just hum with activity on the weekends, especially.


We’ve been to the Ocean three times in the past two weeks. I picked up some beach chairs a few weeks back and have decided to keep them in the car, in case the mood strikes. They came in handy after dinner on Saturday, when we decided to take them to a ‘new’ beach I’ve recently discovered. It’s along the main road, but hidden by a huge rock embankment with no steps over. But after I got to thinking why they would put streetside parking, I decided to pull over one day and climb the wall. Turns out there’s a beach on the other side.


My resident bookkeeper notified me over the weekend that May was my shop’s best month ever. In all honesty, I was a bit surprised, but thinking about how much I’ve been working (and in correlation, stressing), it seemed to make sense. I haven’t taken any time off since Christmas (and only then, barely. I hauled all my supplies back home with us so I could make product remotely). It was at that point that I’d realized it was time for a good old fashioned do-nothing vacation. We still have to bring the dogs with us, so we’re thinking of renting a cottage up in Maine on the coast for a week. I found a gorgeous one that’s on it’s own peninsula (there’s a small causeway with ocean on either side connecting it to land), but it’s really far North and there are limited activities around (towns, restaurants, non-nature/hiking things to do). This would be new for me, but I could be willing to give it a try. It’s a gorgeous, totally restored house with all modern amenities, except it’s off the grid and relies on a generator for any outlet-powered items (hairdryer, coffee maker, etc) though the fridge, range, etc are propane powered and always on. But it’s surrounded by crashing waves on thee sides and seems about as gorgeous as you could imagine. We’re also considering a few properties on Deer Island, which is connected to the mainland by road, but still remote/oceanside and near cute towns.

Either way, it’s time to take a break. Between working like a crazy person, stressing (and waiting) about the house – we’re ready to NOT think about work (or work we have to do) for awhile.

I really should take up oil painting, because that’s exactly what I’d see myself doing for days on end, in front of the ocean. Or reading a book. Or knitting. Or take a nap on the rocks. Or…