So much has happened since I last wrote, and it’s just today that I’ve had enough time really to relax.

My parents came out last week, which was fun and busy all at the same time. From Strawbery Banke to the Freedom Trail to our new house to Fort Williams and Cape Elizabeth to eating at all our favorite places — the Lobster Shack, Flatbread Pizza, and The Common Man. It was a full week of visiting, but we squeezed in some crafting, too.

I purchased some burlap feedback-style pillow fronts at the Brimfield show a few weeks back, hoping I could con my mom into sewing them into pillows for me ala these at Restoration Hardware. With the fabric pieces, some backing fabric from Joanns, and cheapie pillow forms (… ugly pillows from a thrift shop – one even feather filled), she was able to whip up two large burlap pillows and a smaller cotton one.

Aren’t they gorgeous?


We’ve also had <annoyingly> no real movement on the new house. Other than an appointment next week to walk the property line, there’s little to do but wait. I’m kinda burnt out on the preemptive ‘plan-everything-now to make waiting seem less sucky’, as it’s not really working. That said, we’re a mere 50ish days away from full ownership, and I couldn’t be more pumped. Also, everytime we drive by, it looks different. Here were the most recent snaps from last week:

Really, it’s not not even the same house. See the barn? We’ve identified (with some help) that it’s Bittersweet, which is considered by some to be bad (invasive) and good (it’s gorgeous in the fall). I think for now (given what’s on our plate), we’ll leave it up. In other landscape news, I discovered peonies, raspberries and strawberries, a bleeding heart, a few lilies, and of course, those fabulous rhododendrons in the front. Some plants were barely discernible under the weeds, but that’s kinda the theme at the whole place right now.  Just to think – we (I) were stressing over what color to paint the door to match the green barn roof, but right now – it’s not even visible from the street. So, who knows what awaits us next week.

Other than that, I’ve been up to making tags and Father’s day pieces in the shop, nonstop. It’s great and busy all at the same time, and I can’t complain. I might pull a late night tonight and tomorrow to clear Thursday’s schedule. Apparently it’s going to be in the MID- 90’s here, and I don’t live 10 minutes from the beach for nothin’….