It was another dreary Spring day around here … mid 40’s, gray and bordering on rain — overall, in need of some serious perking. Good thing we had a craft morning/brunch scheduled!

We gathered over a spread of scones, potato & spinach frittata, coffee, and of course, mimosas. Our project: adorable and fabulous Embroidery Hoop Art. I found some fabric at a local thriftstore – vintage dishtowels featuring graphics of Vermont and Maine. Totally adorable. Photos to come…

But in the meantime, here are some snaps of the day:

And. I suppose I forgot to mention that this was a “dogs invited” event (we’re trying Darby out with our Hostess’ pup for a possible future cross dog-sitting arrangement.) They got along just great, though Darby’s curiousity and energy was a bit overwhelming for this one:

This is representative of Darby for 95% of our visit:

And, here we have the last 5 minutes…