On Wednesday I had lunch with a new friend, and since I drove halfway to the new house to meet — I thought it only made sense to drive the extra 10 minutes to my new house. I needed to check up on the Spring progress.

Our road is a quick turn off a major road — a few miles back that wind through the countryside and parallel brooks, a waterfall, and a lovely lake. I barely recognized it — it was bursting with this fresh, almost chartreuse green. It had rained for four days straight, which hasn’t been great for morale and yardwork, but was just gorgeous to see the million shades of green coming alive against the wet black tree trunks.

Discovering our front yard was no different…

Where trees had been skeletons and areas fully in sun, now were shaded, landscaped, even overgrown in some areas. I discovered a white lilac in the front, a purple one in the back. A huge White Chestnut tree was out front, buried in overgrowth.

It was clear we needed to obtain a chainsaw and some pruners by August, that’s for sure.

Photos courtesy of our Home Appraisal, which checked out swimmingly, thankyouverymuch. We’re appraising at more than purchase price, which is always good, and something about the Official Report tends to make me think our Appraiser has a penchant for old houses…

Condition of the Property 

The subject dwelling is a traditional style colonial farm home that is well maintained and cautiously updated to meet modern demands.  It appears that care has been taken to preserve and restore original antique construction and features.  Walls, flooring, trim, doors, windows, paneling, staircases, glass, hardware, mantles and the like have been preserved and are considred to be in good condition for 200+ years of age.  Mechanicals have been updated to meet modern demand.  Heating, electric appear to be newer.  The kitchen is very well suited for the home.  It is a modern kitchen yet minimal and complimentary to the home.  It is fully applianced, and functional with no deficiencies.  There are two bathrooms.  Both are full 3 fixture baths that are modern, retrofitted into the 1800’s home.   No repairs or conditions required.  Subject meets and or exceeds current market expectations for a home this age and is better than the majority of older homes offered or sold in the market area.  It has very good appeal to the buyer truly appreciative of antique homes.