It’s 8:45 pm, and I’m just now finishing one very long day of work — 13 hours to be exact. The few times I say it – I do miss coming back to work after a vacation and having everything taken care of, like at <some> ‘company’ jobs. But, there are no other employees to lean on here (which is mostly a blessing, trust me) – and even though I returned with 25 convos, two grouchy customers, a Japanese wholesale agreement to write (!), and three pages of orders to complete, I’m still loving it and lucky. Business is booming, what can I say?


But let’s back up… the weekend! We had such a great time away at the market. We left mid-day Friday, checked in at our lovely B&B, where – surprise YAY! – we were the only guests, so we had a full run-of-the-house – which was great for Jed, since he would have had to watch the Series Finale of Smallville in the common room with other guests. 🙂 Good thing we were spared the embarrassment.

The market was HUGE. HUGE. It easily could have taken an entire weekend to comb through, and even then, we’d probably would still miss something. Vendors sold everything from furniture to tools, toys, themed collections (Sea relics, Chinese/Asian decor, Barbies, Christmas, ‘shabby chic’… you name it), even already restored vintage items (drool – we used this for inspiration rather than coughing up their Restoration Hardware prices).

I had a goal of buying something substantial – no more kitschy knicknacks (pottery, glassware — my pitfalls) that would find their home on a shelf – we have a house to furnish, and I wanted something BIG. I had my eye on these industrial carts ever since we saw one in a Vermont Antiques barn. At the time, we offered a few hundred bucks (pricetag was $500), and when the seller wouldn’t budge, we decided to wait and look at Brimfield. And let me tell you, they were selling like hotcakes. $300+ for unfinished ones, up to $600+ for those that were already restored, perfect coffee-table shapes, and ready to display. Those prices were a bit steep for our budget, and when I found this one ….

… being used as a shelf / chair, we decided to make an offer. We got it on an end-of-Fair special for $150. It’s apparently from a Rhode Island textile mill, and dates to the 19th century. We checked the maker’s mark on the old metal wheels online today, and the company does date from 1830 – so the stories may check out. Regardless, it’s big, old and completely awesome. If it turns out to be too large for a coffee table (and modifications can’t be made), it’d make a super-cool island or even rustic table for the kitchen.

We also scored some of these vintage wicker stools (at two different vendors!) for $15, and have plans to make them perfect for a kitchen island (perhaps do some work to de-honey the wicker color, and touch up the black legs), as well as some fabulous burlap and linen grainsack-inspired pillow fronts.

Want more images from the weekend… see below!

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