We put down the second portion of our earnest money today. It feels like money is flying out of our bank account faster than we can count — and I’m sure this feeling won’t end. Of course, it’s not *actually* leaving entirely – we’re just paying ourselves — paying into closing costs, our down payment, and eventually – into the equity of our next home.

And guess what – even if we need to wait until Aug 1 – it’s only 11 weeks away. That’s IT! (See, I’m really trying the sunshine approach here, not sure if it’s working yet).

If we investigate one project each week, we can have a more concrete plan for 11 different projects. And Lord knows, we have at least that many. We can call and scope out renovation people, get info and advice from barn and garden people.

Here are just a few areas we need to tackle:

  • Exposing the beams in the main house. Is this a DIY thing? Can we at least start the demo? Find renovators & discuss.
  • Research cost of raising ceilings into attic. Any part of this we can DIY?
  • Research cost of putting in skylights while re-roofing main Cape portion.
  • Chickens. When do we get them & can we use the coops in the barn? Research how to keep them in general. Neighbor offers chicken courses. Sign up for one, for knowledge + relationship building.
  • Lead paint. How to get rid of it / contain it when doing renovations.
  • Pastures. How to bring them back to green lusciousness & not brambles.
  • Scope best place for raspberries, blueberries, fruit trees and other gardens around the property.
  • There is a Barn preservation event mid-June. We should attend this.
  • Work on re-crate training the dog. With all the carting around, he’s forgotten how.
  • Apparently there is an Underground Breakfast Club in our new town, very secretive, serving local food at someone’s restaurant/farm? We need to research this and become insiders.
  • Think up perfect name for our little place. Every farm has a name (though, I worry about putting ‘farm’ in the name. Because we don’t <yet> ‘farm’ anything).
So yeah, I’d say we have our hands full.
We’re headed off this weekend to the Brimfield Antiques Fair, where hopefully we can pick up some lovely used/antique goods to make our new house perfectly country-chic.
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