In housebuying, sometimes things happen in a flurry, sometimes things trod on  f  o  r  e  v  e   r .  And I guess that’s where we’re at right now.  There’s really nothing new to report. The seller is fixing the items we’ve all agreed on, and new paperwork is being shuffled around, sent, signed, sent back. And then we wait. 

The contract has August 1 set a the closing date because tenants are currently occupying the property (leases are legally binding, we can’t make early move-in a contractual issue), but there’ve been glimmers of hope in little things we’ve heard —  ‘they’re working on getting a place nearby’  or  ‘they have a lead on this other place out West’ … but alas, that date still sits glaringly on my contract, THREE MORE MONTHS.

I’m a person who thrives on projects and hope, and 90 more days might be pretty tough to swallow. I might even accept this time as fun, Spring/Summer exploration time — time to go places, see festivals, check out new towns … just enjoy our surroundings. But we’re entering the warmer months, and there’s only so much longer we can tote the dogs in the car along with us everywhere. We need a place to leave them. Alone.

So. We proceed. There are a few more bits of info trickling in – a roof estimate should be coming back our way, the lotline will be finalized soon, and news of other repairs being completed is sure to come. But three months seems like an eternity away (like January 31 seems now – ancient history).

And that’s where we’re at. I don’t want to ‘jinx’ this house by buying things for it before the deal’s done, but I’m not sure I can put that off for too long. We’re headed to the Brimfield Antiques Fair this weekend, which is supposed to be legendary … and I really want to scope some things out for the new casa. And then there’s that address stamp. It hasn’t gone anywhere, but I do wish I could be sending an order in with our names and new address.


Ok. Done with that <for now> … let’s recap the lovely Barn Dance and Heifer Parade from the weekend, shall we?

Photos by Brigid Connelly

It was a lovely event – the day started off rainy, but cleared out just in time to see the heifers (definition, we learned — an under 2 yr-old bovine who’s never had a calf) parade down the road to their summer pasture, followed by bluegrass music and a home cooked, organic dinner. We even splurged and bought the homemade custard and strawberry shortcake pie (to die for).
A few hours later, we headed out (too early, I’m sorry to say, for the actual dancing portion of the evening). But it was a lovely evening — great to trudge around the barns – see the piglets, calfs, and fuzzy donkeys. A nice diversion (and possibly inspiration?) for our little farmette-to-be…