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Updates! Things are progressing — slowly. We’ve agreed on details around the inspection, and now we wait for a few other details to be wrapped up.  So, things are moving, not nearly as quickly as I’d like, which leaves plenty of time for daydreaming about decorating.

Getting a ‘scheme’ down at this place both excites and stresses me out … I really fear decorating for the season — it’s spring, so I’m drawn to greens, whites — the color of clay-green Wellie boots, and gray cedar shingles. I’m really feeling an Euro-farmhouse vibe here, and maybe that’s where we’ll end up. But I’m afraid of choosing this because it’s Spring. At our last place, I decorated in the fall – and this room, before we painted everything beige (to avoid being too ‘white’) – it was a pumpkin/terra cotta and butter combination. We had it that way for a few months, before we started our ‘real’ renovation, which led to tedious double work, and I’m really trying to avoid that happening this time around.

So here’s where I’m at …

I’m really hoping to start stocking up on good, perhaps antique, pieces of furniture, accents, and ideas, so we don’t end up with the ‘we need an end table, let’s go to Target/Crate&Barrel/Homegoods – syndrome’ and end up with a totally new, manufactured look – which I think we had a touch of at our last place. Our couch set (from Ikea) matched, our dining room matched– including a hutch and buffet. Everything coordinated a bit too well, and I’m really hoping to avoid that this time around.

So here’s where I’m at, for now: Historic farmhouse with an comfy, airy, Euro-garden feel. Balance rustic/weathered touches with more modern ones to avoid seeming too dusty. Use base neutrals that avoid looking ‘too boring/uninspired’ and are able to be paired with color as the spirit moves & seasons change.

Ok, decorating friends…  thoughts?