In anticipation of our septic inspection tomorrow (finally!), let’s have a bit of house fun, shall we? Like totally unhealthy, premature, self-indulgent falling-in-love fun.

Let’s talk door colors! Honestly, those two fabulous doors — each in their own style — are two of my favorite parts of the Capelonial. Let’s inspect the Cape Door:

According to historical records, the original Cape Cod features a center door and two of sets windows on each side. Colonial-era Capes (16oo-1800s) were most prevalent in the Northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.  They were made of wood, and covered in wide clapboard or cedar shingles. There were generally an odd collection of windows in the gable ends, and in these windows nine and six panes were the most common. Rooms were generally furnished with all hardwood floors. Cape Cod style homes saw a revivial in the 1930s and 1950s due to their economical design.

Our <hypothetical> front door on the Cape is currently a dark navy/black color – matched to nothing else on the house or barn. 


The Colonial Side…

The other side — the Colonial — could accurately be described as Georgian Colonial (1690-1830) – featuring…

  • Square, symmetrical shape
  • Paneled front door at center
  • Decorative crown over front door
  • Flattened columns on each side of door
  • Five windows across front
  • Paired chimneys
  • Nine or twelve small window panes in each window sash

Check, check, and check. Looks like we got a Classic example, folks. But if you’re seeing what we’re seeing… that side/front door is about as BLAH as can be. As in, they were trying to hide the conjoined twinness of this place, only highlighting with the Cape front door, and that certainly won’t happen (under our ownership.)

SO… door colors …


Let’s start with this: there are two things that are unchangeable and are must ‘work arounds’ in this matter: the house color and barn roof color.

We’re talking white on the house (repainted in 2010, so something we won’t touch for years to come) and the barn/garage roof – done recently in metal (totally great and will last forever… but done in green.) The house roof is done in a nice charcoal asphalt shingle, so nothing’s a color-inhibitor there.


My thoughts are that I’d like to do something that will compliment that roof color. IE– I don’t want to splash up a bold clementine or burgundy since we’re dealing with the mint/putty-ness of the roof of the barn. It’s visible from the road, and I don’t really want a place that seems disjointed since the buildings are so close together…

(don’t mind the red patch on the Roof – that’ll be gone when the roof(s) are re-shingled.)

Initial thoughts? Feelings? …  Here are a few other loops I’d like to throw…  I’d like something that decorates well in all seasons (like… not a Periwinkle that looks fabulous in Spring and ridiculous in Winter.) Also, I’m thinking I’d like to paint the barn trim the same color… (evidence of that, albeit faded, around the windows… in green … seen here:)

So what do you think? Should we go with something along the lines of the roof (a nice putty green?) or perhaps something in contrast … like pumpkin or aubergine … ??


Discuss amongst yourselves…