You know what I’m finding unexpected? How many times we’ve bumped into the same people in different ways. And honestly, I really shouldn’t be surprised. For a town of around 20,000 people — we sure see some of the same people over and over again. It’s really a great thing.

My little knitting group a few weeks back featured a ‘new member’ who turned out to be a girl I’d volunteered with at the farmer’s markets since November. This past Saturday – helping to unload one of the farmer’s trucks – we bumped into the Realtor who had showed us the Sugar Maple House just a few months back … he grew mushrooms and was there to sell his harvest. Our Realtor is best friends with our landlords. The place we’re looking to purchase is directly across the street from a farm whose goods we’ve helped unload each Saturday at the markets. The world is starting to get so much smaller for us, which is interesting and nice, as we continue to bump into these great people wherever we go.

And strangely, it doesn’t feel like the quintessential ‘small town’ I remember from the Midwest, but I’m certainly starting to get on a first-name basis with people. The ladies at the Post Office have purchased quite a bit from the shop, and are constantly putting in custom orders, which I can hand-deliver to them when I drop off the day’s post.

And yesterday at the Farmer’s Market, we mentioned we were going to miss out on that fabulous smoked Easter Ham dinner, we got an invite from another market volunteer to her boyfriend’s mom’s house — who apparently is always hosting a myriad of friends, roommates, traveling scientists and sailors for holiday dinners. We accepted their invite with some hesitation (we didn’t want to be family crashers), but she insisted we’d fit right in.


In short – it was amazing. We drove up to this fabulous contemporary-style house, about a mile from the ocean, tucked away in this scenic little cul-de-sac. Immediately upon arrival, guests were split into two teams for an adult Easter egg hunt. We dashed around the neighborhood using clues like “near the preponderance of Atomic #17” which after some internet help, lead us to the Pool shed near the Chlorine … and  “Triple Play Feed” which lead us an Egg stashed near the cable box. Teams ended at the treehouse, where each participant got a Easter basket filled with candy and a chocolate bunny. So thoughtful!

Dinner was just as spectacular — local ham and lamb, veggies, portobello ravioli for the vegetarians, and a dessert of lemon sorbet with raspberry sauce and chocolate torte – just delicious. There was wine and lime-infused water and a toast to the Easter Bunny.  We talked hiking, Alaska, science, fisheries and I’m fairly certain at least one discussion started with ‘I heard on NPR the other morning …’


Four hours later, we departed with a potted pansy and a ‘you’re welcome back anytime’ from the hosts, and I very much wanted to emulate their hospitality. Sigh. Very full tonight – thankful for new friends, generous hosts, and of course, really, really good food.