There’s nothing like the possibility of having a shiny new address to have this girl dreaming of getting a gorgeous custom return address stamp!

Back in January, I vowed a bit more letter-writing this year — keeping my friends’ mailboxes alive with surprise, while not totally succumbing to characterless e-communications. And besides that, there’s nothing like seeing your name and address imprinted on a gorgeous envelope with a beautiful custom stamp, instead of those sorry stick-on freebies.

Let’s do some window shopping around Etsy to see what we can find!

Loving this one (ps, for photo credit – each photo links to it’s shop) — the rustic writing and nature makes me think of my fabulous (possible) escape in the country, though the bird-perched-on-powerlines thing might not be what we’re going for (and harkens my dear house-that-wasn’t … Sigh.)  Such a cutie, though for under $20, right?


Aren’t these cute?

So modern, almost wedding-y, but totally hip for a city-living couple. Although, I must say, I’m not sure it’ll work give that our new address would be long, so this might not be ideal.


How about this?

Love the tree, but not so sure the font is ‘us’ … And at just about 1.5” square, these look huge in the photo, but maybe notsomuch in real life.


Oh my goodness, how much do I love this one.

Wonder if it’d hold names, plus a long address  – or even more perfect – a Farm Name!! (must not start worrying about this prematurely … anyone who knows me well knows that naming takes me FOREVER and causes too much stress and anxiety.)  But I digress: I love those little roots, so farmy, so modern. It gets a bit Etsy favorite from me, and at $21.95, how could we NOT get one.

Seriously people, give up the tacky stick-ons that arrived in your mailbox and guilted you into donating a few bucks to charity and get yourself a fabulous address stamp. And get down to writing some letters to friends!