Did you know that we’ve been followed by two little shadows since we moved here?


They come everywhere we do. Everywhere. Vermont, Maine, the grocery store, the post office, out to dinner…

You see, ever since the Fall when we moved in, our … ‘I’m usually not this confrontational’ neighbor has complained about them barking when we leave via text message. I spent months being a nervous wreck about it – bringing them everywhere, not leaving the house, or deciphering complex ways to pacify them when we weren’t there — frozen peanut butter kongs, covering the crate with blankets, turning on different radios to muffle any next-door noise. We would slyly creep out the door while they were busy licking peanut butter, and hovered outside by the car, then the street … to see if we heard anything. But apparently none of it worked sufficiently enough for her (although, magically, they were always quiet when we returned — we think it has something to do with the paper thin walls, and them generally just barking/whining for awhile after we leave.)

After repeated text messages (no, she won’t talk to our faces) saying ‘how she hated to do this’ … she has threatened to call the Town if they bark again.

People. I’m kinda sick of hauling my dogs around everywhere we go.

And, as the warmer months come, so will end our ability to bring them everywhere in the car (and leave them there.) And equally as annoying, the dogs now expect that everytime we put our shoes on, grab our keys or coats — they get to come too. I think it’s building bad habits, and I really *cannot* wait to settle in a place where we can start getting them re-accustomed to staying at home BY THEMSELVES. (The freedom you take for granted, right? Maybe this is what it’s like with kids…)


And even though he protests (and is probably our biggest barking problem), Darby has GOT to find his crate more comfortable than a box, right?