Whew! It was quite a weekend around here… we had a fabulous whirlwind trip with friends from back home, including weathering the 5” of snow brought courtesy of the Nor’Easter, eating tons of awesome food, visiting the beach and an island lighthouse, strolling the town, and enjoying a mini driving tour of the area.  We hope we did New Hampshire proud in the 72-ish hours we had to display her.


Weather in April, it seems, is always a question mark around here. One day it was snowpants, the next — light jackets.  But we got to share both sun and snow in a three day period, and there’s nothing more New England than that.

Another thing we got to share? A little driving tour to the Capelonial… We had done a second showing last week, and had thought about it for a few days after. Crunching some numbers and estimates for some of the updates/decorating we’d like to do — replaster/expose beams, paint, kitchen and bath updates, and some other cosmetic things… we felt armed with a number that we’d be comfortable with and give us a budget padded enough for our updates, while still not pricing us out of the area.

After driving our friends by, and validating that yes, indeed – it was cute even cuter outside, than say… our other top contender (which is no longer – the owner is not willing to budge on price, and we’re not willing to spend that much), we felt positive enough to put in our offer.

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So… we’ll see.

I’m surprisingly not that nervous about it and am really trying to hold back the emotional/fall-in-love-start-decorating-everything-in-my-head reaction before I know if it’s even a possibility at the pricepoint we’re willing to spend. We should hopefully have an answer soon, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!