So, I’ve kinda sucked at blogging lately. Sorry about that.

It’s been busy – that’s always the reason, right…? Our days have been filled with house stalkings, discussing options, and regular work, too. The shop has been bustling along with orders and requests, and Jed’s busy with conference season at his job.

And also– get this — I’ve kinda been busy socializing. We went to gallery event (mwah) last Friday to support a not-for-profit where one of my knitting buds is on the board. We caught up with her afterwards for drinks and had just the best time chatting over wine. Saturday was volunteering at the Winter Market, where we talked for a bit with another volunteer who’s a real-life Officer on a Ship that maps the ocean. He spends  three years on land and two at sea, and his last trek was out in Alaska — to us Midwesterners, this was just totally fascinating, and we had so many questions. Sunday brought knitting again, and more socializing… and whew!

And, in that same vein, we’ve also been anticipating the arrival of our most fabulous friends later this week – and we’re trying to roll out the best of New Hampshire by trying to plan activities and sightseeing trips and other fun things to do. It’s a bit tough, since some of our top contenders – Strawbery Banke, cruises to the Isle of Shoals, Whale Watching, or hiking in some of the neighboring mountains are just a few months too early to either be open or appreciated fully. Luckily, it’s restaurant week in Portsmouth, and then there’s Petey’s in Rye with the freshest, most awesome fried beach food ever… and there’s always the ocean. While we’re running low on get-out-and-explore-it options,  I think we have the every single meal covered twice, no prob.

So that’s where we’re at. We were supposed to have a 2nd walkthrough today at the Capelonial, but total bummer — our realtor had an accident (we think, skiing) and had to postpone. UGH. Nothing like a big fat letdown — I was pumped since last week for this and had already been pinning things on my new Pinterest page with a fabulous old farmhouse in mind.